O.L. & A.L. accompaniment courses

Designed as an accompaniment course for students preparing for National and London (Cambridge & Edexcel) Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations, these courses are closely based on the syllabus content of the respective examinations.

Course schedule: O.L. & A.L.

Accompaniment courses:
Weekdays and weekends.

Timetable – Term 4 2023
O.L. & A.L. Accompaniment Courses

O.L. & A.L. Accompaniment – Terms 2023

Registrations: 01st December 2022 onwards

Course duration: 14st January to 02nd April

Holidays: January 15th, February 04th, 05th, March 07th.

Course fee: Rs. 21,000/-

Registrations: 01st March 2023 onwards

Course duration: 08th April to 08th July

Holidays: April 10th to 16th, 22nd, May 01st, 05th, 06th, June 03rd, 29th, July 03rd.

Course fee: Rs. 21,000/-

Registrations: 01st June 2023 onwards

Course duration: 11th July to 24th September

Holidays: August 01st, 30th.

Course fee: Rs. 21,000/-

Registrations: 09th  September 2023 onwards

Course duration: 30th September to 17th December

Holidays: October 28th, November 12th, 24th, 25th & 26th.

Course fee: Rs. 21,000/-

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