Highly recommend

If anybody is interested in learning French, Alliance Française is the best place. They have a diversified range of courses for all age groups of students and working professionals. They do have a good library consisting of all sorts of language-learning materials, including books, audiobooks, CDs, etc… The institution provides good teaching support with experienced teachers. Place is easily accessible. Vehicle parking would not be a problem.

‘The only French institute recognized by the Embassy of France’

The only French institute that is recognised by the embassy of France. There are so many courses for kids, adults and school students. They have smart class rooms that is air conditioned. You can do any French exam in here and there's a library as well. The courses goes by semesters. The tutorial staff is highly qualified and they teach really well. I highly recommend this place if anyone wants to learn and speak French !

Excellent Course

If you wish to study French, this is one of the better options. The reception area looks professional. There are magazines and books to view at your leisure. The staff was very helpful and took the time to explain the refund policy, the textbook, and courses. During my assessment, I spoke to Bruno. He was very kind and was quickly able to assess my level. The assessment takes about an hour – reading comprehension, grammar, writing, listening, and speaking.